New high school graduates rank companies for job prospects

Radical Okinawa Co., Ltd, a local company publishing job information magazine ‘Rookie’, has announced its annual popularity ranking list of companies among graduating high school students.

According to the list, the most popular company is San-A Co., Ltd, the largest retailer on the island, for the third year in a row. The second on the list is Okinawa Bank followed by the Bank of the Ryukyus on the third place.

The most common reasons for wishing to go to work at companies on the list are that they have a ‘vibrant or nice atmosphere,’ ‘better chance to do responsible work even if you are young’ and they offer a ‘promising or stable job ’.

Radical Okinawa conducted the survey through a questionnaire at a company job information event, which was organized by Radical Okinawa, on Mar. 2nd, and received answers from 742 people.

Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company rose in the ranking from the 23rd place to 8th, and CA Advance, Inc, an Internet service company, improved its rank to the 9th place from 16th. In the hotel sector hotels that usually have been in the top 10 every year dropped off from the best 10. The Terrace hotels in the 16th place was the only the hotel in the top 20 this year.

16:45 27 Feb , 2024