Okinawa has highest number of drunk drivers in Japan

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police statistics published Mar. 29th, 1,313 people were caught driving under influence or drunk during the one-year period from Apr. 2014 through Mar. 2015. The number is 4.4 times the national average per 1,000 residents

The Prefectural Police has compiled the annual statistics since 2009, and Okinawa has placed the worst in Japan for six consecutive years. According to the Prefectural Police, more than twice as many people per 1,000 residents are found driving under influence in Okinawa than in the second worst prefecture.

What is worse, the rate of accidents resulting in injury caused by driving intoxicated has been nation’s worst for 25 consecutive years, and it has been the worst in resulting in deaths for two consecutive years.

The Okinawa Prefectural Police wows to take a strong action to reduce these crimes by thoroughly educating the drivers and working together with communities and businesses to weed out repeat offenders.

  • HappyGaijin

    This is terrible (yet again) and I wonder just how much the way Mainland Japan treats/regards Okinawa has anything to do with this. Or are Uchinanchu just lovers of the spirits – literally! LOL.

  • ewacloser

    If you have been to Okinawa you will readily see the cause. Waaaaay too many bars.

  • matt99

    1,313 in a year? Did I read that right? In one day maybe.

  • mike

    us military on island sways statistics ? if so the Okinawans have a right to be angry . but one incident don’t prove a correlation …. drunk drivers kill others all the time in many places …. even in Japan cosmopolitan .

19:22 28 Feb , 2024