Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural College to move to Ginoza

A committee tasked with planning for the relocation of the Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural College from its current location in Nago to a new site, announced on Mar. 30th that is has selected Ginoza as the most preferred new location.

As for reasons for selecting Ginoza, the committee cites its closeness to major highways that provide a good access. The site in Ginoza also doesn’t require major construction to reform the land. The committee points out that the proposed new location already has irrigation and drainage systems in place.

The proposed site is in the Matsuda district of Ginoza Village that is just 5 minutes by car from the Ginoza Interchange on the Okinawa Expressway. There are also some existing farming institutions nearby that the committee regards beneficial for the college.

15:53 27 Feb , 2024