Scooter hit-and-run leaves woman slightly injured

A woman was slightly injured when she was hit by a motor scooter at an intersection in Esu, Uruma City, about 10 p.m. on Feb. 28th. The motorcyclist did not stop after the accident but drove away from the scene.

According to Uruma Police, the 53-year-old woman was his when she was walking across the street at an intersection on a pedestrian crosswalk. The scooter with two young men riding on it came from the Koza Crossing, and was taking a left turn when it hit the woman. The woman suffered lacerations on her head that are not life threatening. The motorcycle did not stop but continued to run towards the Matsumoto district of Okinawa City.

Police say the bike was a motor scooter type with two young men who seemed to be in the late teens riding on it.  Police are seeking for the whereabouts of the two men.

19:05 28 Feb , 2024