Suspicious fires at Nago City elementary school yard

Children taking part in a school club activity in the Gabusoka district of Nago found 11 bamboo and one plastic broom burning on the premises of their elementary school. The children alerted a teacher who called the police, and with help from the teacher and police they put the fire out. No one was injured.

According to Nago Police, there are no fire-causing materials around the site, and a same kind of incident was reported to have taken place in the same area a week ago. Police are investigating whether the two incidents are related.

According to investigators, a group of children who are members of the school basketball club had gathered to play a game and noticed a burning broom, and stamped the fire out. They then noticed 10 more brooms burning 30~40m away from the first fire.

19:12 28 Feb , 2024