Temp agency lures workers from Kyrgyzstan

Relationship Co, a company providing temporary workers to businesses in Kanto region in mainland Japan and Okinawa, announced at a press meeting at Okinawa Times on Mar. 12th that two Kyrgyz workers were selected provisionally for jobs at a joint interview that took place in February through a web camera connecting Okinawa and Kyrgyzstan.
The prospective employees are planning to come to Okinawa if everything goes smoothly in May after obtaining required working visas. They would work toward permanent staff positions at a local company, first as temporally employees. 25 people from Kyrgyzstan and 20 local companies participated in the joint interview.
They continued job interviews through the web camera, and a local retail company selected two as prospective workers. Other 10 Kyrgyz job seekers are looking forward to having an interview with hotel related companies. Persons involved in the project expect 15 workers to be hired.
Shunkichi Teraoka, the president of Relationship Co., says that there are about 500 people in Kyrgyzstan who can speak Japanese. Once a route for people from Kyrgyzstan to work in Japan is set up, more Kyrgyz job seekers are expected. The company is scheduled to have three more job interview sessions in May, August and November, and it aims at hiring 50 people from Kyrgyzstan this year.

17:24 28 Feb , 2024