Two marines arrested for trespassing in Kin

Police arrested two marines Saturday after they tried to enter a private apartment in Kin Town through a balcony.

According to Okinawa Prefectural Police, a 46-old resident of an apartment discovered Sgt. Richard Hart and LCpl. Justin Kainoa Kealanahele on the balcony of his apartment trying to open the balcony door, about 10:45 p.m. on Friday. They fled after the resident confronted them. The resident then called the police who found the two nearby and arrested them.

When questioned, the two claimed that they tried to enter the apartment in order to help their local drinking buddy who had been with them to get into his apartment that he had locked himself out of, but they had mistakenly climbed on a wrong balcony.

  • bob

    these clowns knew better than this as it wouldn’t happen in the states or they would be shot.

  • Michiko

    What kind of rogues.
    Why would USA always send garbages to Japan?
    Send them back. Never let them in again.

    • Aluminum Fax

      Your English is terrible.

      • Michiko

        US force in Japan is a rapist, thief, killer.
        US force in Japan is a pest, leech, parasite.

  • Michiko

    US troops, they are vulgar.

    • HappyGaijin

      Michikosan, I don’t know what happened to you, but please don’t be that way. The world is an unpleasant place and I, for one, love the fact that Okinawa is quiet, slow, and crime-free.

  • HappyGaijin

    Pardon my pessimism, but these two characters were trying to help their drunk Okinawan buddy into what they thought was his apartment, and THIS NONSENSE made the news!?

    Why were they arrested in the first place?
    If they were helping a local buddy, where is he, and why didn’t he talk to the police?
    Why does garbage like this always make the news?

    Wait. Forget that last question, I already know the answer = Handbaskets.

    Moral of this story? If it can be twisted into some nonsense, don’t do it.

02:39 28 Feb , 2024