31st Miyako Triathlon turned into Duathlon

The 31st All Japan Triathlon took place on Miyako Island on Apr. 19th in less than ideal weather conditions.

Due to the bad weather in the morning, the swimming portion of the race was cancelled, and the competition thus changed into a duathlon consisting of a 157-kilometer bicycle race followed by a full marathon.

26 year-old Kaito Tohara from Kanagawa Prefecture won the race for the first time crossing the finishing line in 7 hours 38 minutes and 44 seconds.  The fastest woman was 34-year-old Emi Sakai from Gunma Prefecture with the time of 8 hours 49 minutes 37 seconds.  This was the third time for Sakai to win the race and the first time in four years.

The best competitor from Okinawa was 33-year-old Shinji Yamamoto.

1,474 people took part in the race, 1,292 men and 182 women.  1,019 finished, and of them 924 men and 95 women.

The weather at noon on the day of the race was cloudy with the temperature at 25.7 degrees centigrade and 90% humidity. The wind speed at noon was 6.7 m/s.

21:59 24 Jun , 2024