ANA to add two new international cargo routes from Okinawa

All Nippon Airways that has made Okinawa one of its international cargo hubs is planning to add two new routes to its existing cargo network centered on Okinawa.

Akira Okada, the president of ANA Cargo Inc., disclosed in an interview with Ryukyu Shinpo newspaper on Apr. 7th that ANA would start two new cargo routes linking Okinawa to Amoy in China and Manila in the Philippines. Both routs are scheduled to start in October.

Okada also indicated that his company is considering launching one more new route in fiscal 2016. He said that ANA Cargo is currently researching the market and is mapping out local companies in Jakarta, Vietnam and in an inland region of China in order to make a decision on the new route.

ANA Cargo aims to improve the company logistics by flying cargo from Amoy and Manila to Okinawa to be distributed to destinations in Japan. According to Okada, there are a considerably volume of imports of industrial products from Japanese companies in Amoy to Japan.  Manila has attracted attention from Japanese-affiliated companies as a new promising overseas market.

With the new routes ANA Cargo will link a total of 13 logistic hubs through Okinawa, nine in overseas cities and four in Japan. The hubs will be Narita, Haneda, Kansai and Chubu in Japan, and Soul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tsingtao, Singapore, Amoy and Manila overseas.

23:42 25 Jun , 2024