Chuko spring festival is all about Awamori

Experts sample Chuko products at last year’s festival.

The 9th Chuko Spring Festival is a perfect opportunity for visitors and locals to learn about Awamori this weekend, taste some, and even compete in an Awamori tasting contest in Tomigusuku City.

Besides specializing in aged awamori or koshu, Chuko is known for making its own ceramic containers for their awamori.

Sponsored by Chuko Distilling Co., one of the popular Awamori brewing companies on Okinawa that specializes in production of aged awamori, koshu, the spring festival runs Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. at a special space in front of the Chuko Distilling Co. building, 556-2 Iraha, Tomigusuku City, near the end of the elevated southernmost section of the Okinawa Expressway.  Admission and participation is free.

Many special events are planned for the weekend, with the highlight being drawings for two sizes of big ceramic 5.4 and 9-liter casks of Awamori.  There are two chances to win at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. each day. People who want to participate in the lottery need to have a lottery ticket given by every ¥2,000 purchase of products.

Other than that, free Awamori tasting and a blind Awamori tasting contest are on tap, and as a preliminary contest of a national Karaoke competition at Osaka, a local competition will take place. For children, there are game booths. Food stalls featuring Yakitori, Soba, Tempura and beers are also set up.   Chuko will sell their products including koshu, matured Awamori, and Awamori in ceramic casks at a special event price.  Some will be 50 % off the sticker price. And pottery cups, pots and canisters for Awamori, and vases will be 30% to 70% off during the event.

Parking space is limited, so Chuko will run free shuttle busses between the event site and a temporary parking area.

21:25 24 Jun , 2024