Drunk driver arrested for hit and run in Itoman

Itoman Police arrested 30-year-old businessman Yuichi Yamanoha from Gushi, Naha City, on suspicion of hit-and-run on Apr. 18th.

According to police, Yamanoha had been driving his mini car about 4 a.m. Saturday, when he hit a 16 year-old high school boy walking on a street in Nishizaki, Itoman City. The boy was dragged under the car about 40 meters.  Instead of stopping Yamanoha just drove away from the accident site without giving aid to the victim. The boy suffered severe cuts on his right elbow and thigh that will take a month to heal.

Yamanoha turned himself in to Itoman Police about an hour later, and was arrested on the spot.  A breathalyzer test showed about two times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

12:29 13 Jun , 2024