Drunk driver kills pedestrian in hit and run accident

An elderly woman was killed in a hit and run accident that occurred about 8:30 p.m. on Apr. 19th on Route 330 in Ginowan City.

According to Ginowan Police, the victim, 82-year-old Yasuko Chinen, was found lying unconscious on the road and taken to a hospital where she died about three hours later.

On the same evening, Ginowan Police arrested a 41-year-old businessman Kenji Nakamoto, in Uehara, Ginowan City, after they stopped him near the accident site driving a mini car, which had a huge dent on its hood. They also noticed that he was drunk.

Ginowan Police suspects that Nakamoto drove his mini car while drunk and hit Chinen who was crossing the street on a pedestrian crosswalk at the Nagata intersection.  Chinen fell down on the road, while Nakamoto just left her there and drove away from the accident site.  A woman who was driving her car behind Nakamoto noticed Chinen and called the emergency number.

When questioned, Nakamoto told police, “It’s true that was drunk and drove under the influence of alcohol, but I do not remember about the accident.”

08:41 18 Jun , 2024