Goats, bulls are core of Motobu Festival

Winners celebrate after a hard-fought contest.

Bulls in action.

The Motobu tourism and culture festival is Saturday, and it’s a sure bet visitors will find it totally different than countless other festivals that dot the Okinawa landscape.

The festival is actually a night event, starting Saturday at 6 p.m., at the Motobu multi-purpose event space in Motobu Town’s Tamokuteki Hiroba. Google Map to the venue is at http://goo.gl/maps/iXB1N  The tourism and cultural festival’s goal is about expanding Motobu Town culture and creating a more active town, while also getting more Tourists to visit the town.

The event features bull and goat fighting mainly, while Ryukyu pop music performed live by Shuken Genchan Maekawa, a major Okinawan folk music singer, fills in the entertainment. There’s also a special raffle game.

Entry to the festival costs ¥1,000 in advance and ¥1,500 at the gate. Those under 18 are free.

All action concentrates in the bull ring.

01:25 26 Jun , 2024