Henoko opposition fund showing strong start

A fund called ‘Henoko Kikin’ that is earmarked to supporting opposition activities against the construction of the relocation facility and relocation of MCAS Futenma to Henoko reported the results of its growth in the first two weeks.

Prefectural Assembly members of the ruling parties and representatives of Okinawa businesses established the fund April 9th, and it had grown, as of Apr. 24th, or in just two weeks since the fund was launched, to ¥90 million.

3,881 businesses and individuals have donated to the fund.

The fund preparation committee has recently opened an account at Mizuho Bank, a large bank with offices nationwide, expecting increasing donations from outside of the island.

The majority of 3,881 donors are individuals, and the average amount per donor is ¥23,000.  The use of the fund and details of the course of activities will be determined at the planned general meeting next month.

23:45 25 Jun , 2024