Apr. 2 ~ 8


Finally you are able to fix a problem that has bothered you for some time. Once you get this burden off your shoulders, you are free to try harder. You will find that you have much more energy and are more effective in all of your endeavors. In addition, you will also be able to help others. This will help you to prove to those around you that you have been right all along.


You should tone down your aggressive stance if you want to get ahead. Just now, it’s easy for you to go into extremes, especially when you get excited or someone gets under your skin. It’s even possible that some people begin to avoid your company, because they are afraid of your aggressions. It could very well be that you are giving completely wrong signals about your intentions.


You should be ready to justify your opinions, especially everything that is related to your work. Even if you wanted that everyone would like you, it’s not possible all the time. It does not do any good for you to be too flexible at this time. It would be better to stand your ground. Someone close to you, maybe a colleague at work, needs more time in order to be able to support you.


Someone is going to suggest changes that do not sit too well with you. However, you should give that person the courtesy of listening as there could be some good ideas worth consideration. Maybe it would be easier for you to allow someone else to take the reins, at least for a while. You have a tendency to take everything as a challenge, even things that everyone else sees as pleasure.


Do you feel that you are only threading water without getting anywhere? Maybe you try to accomplish too many things at once. Learn to concentrate on one thing at a time, and you will soon see that you have much more time to relax. Besides, your problems also begin to look much smaller without unnecessary stress. Life can be fun, but you must so decide by yourself.


This weekend promises to be a busy one, and no one can accuse you that you are not up to the challenge. But don’t underestimate the support that you can get from your partner. Although it’s now easy for you to overcome any challenge or problem, you could at times use more charisma to your advantage. Approaching a problem from right angle makes it easier to solve.


Discussions this weekend could turn out to be rather heated, and you don’t like that too much. It would be better if you could pacify the situation for a while. The problem is that people around you don’t see your side of the matter. Perhaps you should explain the problem better. Or perhaps you give too much credit to them and think they are smarter than they actually are.


A lot is happening in many areas in your life and you don’t really know where to start. The best way to resolve this dilemma is to make a list and prioritize everything. Do you need help from our loved ones? You should first inquire discreetly how they feel about the situation, as you could be in for a surprise upon hearing their reactions. You are stronger and braver than you think.


Some comments by people you consider friends are stirring all kinds of feelings in you. Should you take them seriously, or are they just talk and attempts to be smart. Does it matter? Take your time to think it over before commenting. Maybe it would be better to build up the relationships that you have neglected. And do not forget the importance of a good sense of humor.


Try to get rid of conflicts and situations that you can’t do anything about. In order for you to get more from your social life, you must have more contacts with people, especially with those whom you haven’t been in contact with for some time. You can gain a lot by paying close attention to people who have supported you constantly, and doing all you can to strengthen the relationships.


You have somehow been nervous lately, and it seems that you are not sure about something. It could have something to do with your love life or work. If people around you seem to be quieter or more negative than usual, you should not put too much weight on their appearance. Instead, you should concentrate on your own strengths and build on those keeping your own goals in mind.


Things that you would like to do are quite removed from things you have to do. It would be wonderful to climb on a high stage and shout your message to the world loud and clear, but the best you can do is to post a couple of messages on your facebook wall. Then you have to move on with your life. And he next big thing you have to tackle suddenly doesn’t seem so big any more.

12:26 13 Jun , 2024