Apr. 9 ~ 15


Sometimes it would be good to stop and think about ways to improve the quality of your life. For the next week or so there shouldn’t be any major problems that you have to face. However, it’s important to have ambition as that keeps your mind active. You should think about projects that you always wanted to start but never seemed to have enough time to begin.


There’s a person that has caught your eye, and that fact could make you uncomfortable. You have to ask yourself, why? If you decide to start on a new path in your life, you must concentrate on the future. Instead of thinking where you want to be after next six months, you have to think where you want to be after next six years. No progress is possible without taking risks.


Everyone needs a little luck in life. If there’s none available, one could simple give up. However, it is possible to build up and influence in one’s own luck by working diligently and setting specific and realistic goals. Do not miss a chance to an opportunity, especially if you can catch it using your natural charms. You can strongly influence your future by understanding your own talents.


If you think that you can do everything by yourself could mean serious problems. When you start cooperating with others, you will soon start wondering why you didn’t do so before. Do not allow lack of knowledge or belief in your own abilities to stop you from doing something really important. Rome was not built in one day, but one day someone had to start it.


You will discover much to your relief that something that you had though to be nearly impossible turns out to be just the opposite. This gives you a completely new insight, and that opens up the whole world in a completely new ways. Try to do something new every week. Do not hesitate to approach people. You could be surprised by the warm welcome you and your ideas get.


Romance is not on top of your thoughts just now, but you should afford an opportunity to a warm human relationship that is waiting for you this weekend. This could mean your current partner or someone new. The main thing is that you keep balance with all parts of your life. Do not deny joy and happiness from your life as you have earned it. There’s no shame in admitting that.


Although you would much prefer to do one thing at a time, you will encounter other options. You have to ask yourself whether you should finish what you just had started and ignore those options, or grab the opportunity regardless. Your partner could also want to be more involved in your everyday life but you have to decide whether that would be the right choice for you.


Is someone asking you to step on an unfamiliar ground? Maybe you should ask someone for help in that case? What you need most is strong spirit and determination. You have to realize that you could, and should, affect your own future, although it’s not so easy all the time. However, you have to realize that you only can win, and there’s no going back in time


You have worked so hard to reach your goals, but maybe it’s the time to let others to take over a part of your burden. No one expects you to be a super human, except maybe yourself. Make some time to relax, and realize that no one is irreplaceable. If you have built your system as well as you should, it will run smooth even in your absence. You need to preserve your energy.


There’s a part in your life that is in need of close attention. It would be a mistake to assume that everything is OK. Thoughts concerning your family and future are a cause for strong emotions. You should take seriously the thoughts and opinions that you hear from your lover. Doing so would prevent misunderstanding and conflict in the future. Peace at home is what you need most now.


There’s a brighter future ahead of you, and you can feel it. The question is, could there be something that you could do to make your dreams come true sooner than later? Remember that small steps to the right direction could lead to a giant leap. You have to sit down and think carefully about your options. Maybe there’s only one, but that’s still there and you just have to decide.


When you meet a new person you, somehow, often feel like you met that person before. That’s but one example of how the past colors your future. That’s also a good reason to focus more on present than the past. There’s no reason to worry about your past, as you can’t change that. You can and should learn from it, though. And keep in mind what you have achieved so far.

11:13 23 Jun , 2024