Apr. 23 ~ 29


Thanks to a strong influence of planet Mars you feel strong and optimistic vibes all around you. Intentions of a person close to you will become crystal clear by the end of the weekend. You are also going to get a better idea about true feelings of a person who’s important to you. Listen carefully what this person says. Make sure you ignore rumors and innuendo and stick with the facts.


A certain kind of chaos rules your everyday world, and that could easily confuse you at times. You may be wondering if things would ever get settled. The answer is yes, but you have to be patient. Let others react first to the events, and only then it’s your turn. You just have to prepare yourself, think the right words to say when the time comes, and trust on your abilities.


Someone close to your may seem rather cold and emotionless towards you, but that’s not the case. You have to learn to read between the lines, as this skill would be very useful for you at this time. A younger member of your family needs extra attention from you, although you won’t be able to see the results of your help immediately. But the time comes when everyone recognizes your value.


When emotions run high it’s not always easy to get everyone to cool down. Now you have to decide what to do about this. Should you retire from the scene and keep a low profile for a while? Maybe. On the other hand, you could use the situation to your advantage, and start an honest conversation about the problem. The choice is yours. One thing is clear; life is seldom so simple.


Do you feel that other people always disturb your peaceful life when you rather would like to be left alone? Does this happen frequently? You should think the brighter side of the situation. There are many people who need you and want to be in your company. Although some of them get under your skin at times, it’s not the reason at all why they keep coming back to you.


Some people want to confuse you and obfuscate. If you pay no attention to them, what can they do? Nothing really. In any case, you sure would have better things to do with your time, something that’s more pleasant and more relaxing. You should make this weekend something special and orchestrate a nice surprise to your family. Enjoy the company of your loved ones and relax.


Love does not come always when we want it but chooses its own time and place. But you can enhance your chances by being determined. Go out and meet people, and then something is sure to happen sooner or later. Although you might not find everlasting love around the first corner, it would still be great fun to look for. A sour face does not impress anyone at any time.


Although everything seems to be in balance, you may feel that something is missing. Something pushes you to act, and find that there is much more to your life than what you have had so far. You should ask your friends sometimes what would they do if they were in your situation. You might be surprised by their answers. At least you would learn something new about yourself.


A recent invitation has made you think. Something that you had already left in your past seems to be creeping back into your thoughts. Is it good or bad? Before you know what it is that you really want, you can’t get the final answer. You have to think focusing in the more distant future. Where do you want to be five years from now? How does that relate to your situation just now?


By focusing only on you pet projects your could hurt your loved ones. Maybe they expect to become a part of your project, or that you ask for advice or some kind of help. A compromise could be called for unless you want to be a martyr. Although you don’t want to spend time to look back, nothing says that you could not learn from your past. You also should listen more.


Although you seem to have some problems facing you just now, in a few days you will wonder what was the thing that you was so worried about. Luckily your determination and confidence will help you to overcome this. You should not think that there’s so little you can achieve, or maybe even nothing at all worth trying. Instead you should think that you can win everything.


Are people around you telling you what you should do and where to go? This is a very creative time for you, and you do not want to listen to those people just now. If you want to shut your ears and work alone, you should do so. You can live with other people, but you don’t have to live for other people. Once you realize how to control your own life, you can reach all your goals.

10:01 23 Jun , 2024