Apr. 30 ~ May 6


Just now people believe what you say, and you have real power behind your words. You just have to find the right place where you can show your skills. Pay close attention to your friends and people close to you, especially those who have clear goals to reach. It’s very important that you encourage both yourself and the others. Even a small beginning can lead to a big success.


The focus is now on economical matters and money, and making sure you understand both and what they mean in your life. After a busy work week it’s very important to relax over the weekend as the hectic schedule is likely to continue well into the future. Make sure you stick with your plans, and try to spend time with people who understand and encourage you to reach your goals.


Some of your friends or colleagues are heading to a wrong direction and you should tell them about it. Tell them what you think should be done and which way to go. You will greatly enjoy to have an opportunity to plan an upcoming project that is going to change the way everyone cooperates. But do not forget to have fun, too. Otherwise you would burn out quickly.


You can expect to be appointed to be responsible for an important task. Maybe it’s your boss who needs help to complete something, or it could be something completely new. You need yourself a helping hand home as some small but very important changes or adjustments are needed there. It would be good to get someone interested in a leisure related project that you have.


There’s someone who seems to need your constant help, and it also seems that there’s not much that could be done to change the situation. You could consider sharing this problem with someone, but you should consider other alternatives carefully first. Although you could use some encouragement yourself, that should not be an excuse not to give a helping hand to others.


Although you would like to tell someone straight how it is, but you should think carefully before you open your mouth. Your words in this situation could have much more weight than you had thought. It could feel difficult to be discreet in this situation, but you should not give up. You are always willing to take care of others, but this time you should pay attention to your own wellbeing.


Meetings you have expected could turn out to be more intensive than you had thought, and that could take you completely by surprise. But if you know for sure what you want, this should not be any problem for you. But do not agree with anything just because you want to be a nice person, as that could prove to be very costly to you later on. Set clear lines that can’t be crossed.


Romance and personal relationships are in limelight this week, and even your co-workers feel more helpful than usual. You should take full advantage of this situation in order to advance your ideas and wishes. Concentrate on cooperation with people as that will guarantee the best possible results on any given area of your life. Your friends will show you the best way forward.


You should stop pretending that you want to be dead serious all the time. What you really need is relaxing time with some of your best friends, perhaps in the company of some good food and drink, and that would get your spirits off the ground again. Tossing around some ideas could very well go hand in hand with some physical activity. Look for people with positive attitudes.


It looks like the more you see possibilities in front of you the more you appreciate your freedom. It’s absolutely important to find the right balance between responsibility and freedom of choice. Although you could find some people around you very demanding and tiresome, you should try to see their point of view. It’s sometimes helpful to step into others’ shoes to get a wider perspective.


Do you need someone to look up to? If you look at right places, it’s not at all hard to find such persons. If you can keep an open mind you have a real trump card in your hand when you need an inspiration for something. Think what you can see in other people than most of those around you fail to notice. With you friend you can relax and be on o the crowd. That suits you well.


The next few days could be your lucky ones but you must not play with matters of heart. Someone with ill intentions could cause a ruckus at work, but do you really have anything to worry about? As long as you and your partner stand side by side on the same side of the fence, you will have no problem to overcome anything that the fate or someone on purpose throws at you.

00:36 26 Jun , 2024