Japan Coast Guard expands in light of Senkaku situation

The 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Naha has reorganized its General Affairs Division, Security, Search and Rescue Division and a Special Public Relations Office for mass media. The new organization was officially announced on Apr. 10th.

According to Coast Guard officials, the new organization became necessary as the guard increases security operations in the area, especially around the contentious Senkaku Islands and the surrounding ocean.

The Coast Guard is planning to increase its staff by about 500 to a total of 1,722 persons by the end of fiscal 2016 from 1,243 people this fiscal year.

The plans for increasing the number of patrol boats deployed in the Ishigaki area are progressing with four of the planned ten new patrol boats already deployed.  The other six are on schedule to be deployed by the end of March next year.

14:03 29 May , 2024