New aircraft maintenance company to open shop in Naha

ANA Holdings Inc. that is scheduled to open an office at the aircraft maintenance base to be constructed at Naha Airport, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have decided to establish a new joint company based at Naha Airport, in fiscal 2016.

If everything goes according to the plan, the aircraft maintenance base at Naha Airport will be completed during fiscal 2017, and start the aircraft engine maintenance business (MRO) specializing in small aircraft owned by ANA.

According to a person familiar with the plans, JAMCO Corp., an aircraft interior manufacturing and maintenance company based in Tokyo, the Okinawa Development Finance Corporation and three local banks are planning to invest in the new company in addition to ANA Holdings and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The new company is expected to hire bout 300 local workers in Okinawa. ANA Holdings will start preparations training maintenance crews for the new company in Naha at an affiliated maintenance company at Itami Airport in Osaka, from July or September this year.  The company aims at offering aircraft maintenance services not only for ANA aircraft but also aircraft of other Asian companies.

01:30 26 Jun , 2024