New connection road in Ginowan opens

A new road connecting Highway 58 and Ginowan Bypass opened to traffic Apr. 11th.

The two-lane 530-meter-long road starts by Oyama Elementary School going straight 23 meters down to Ginowan Bypass. The road that is mostly a bridge is named ‘Haruyoi Bridge’ after ‘Haruyo-I Ha-iya’ cheering heard during the Oyama tug-of-war.

Ginowan Mayor Atsushi Sakima said at the road opening ceremony it would enhance “the connection from the center of the city to the large commercial district that includes the convention area, hotels and leisure facilities. The new road is sure to make a contribution to transportation convenience and improve local economy and promote tourism.”

The road also provides an escape road from the low-lying coastal area to higher ground by Highway 58 in case of a tsunami.

04:52 15 Jun , 2024