Okinawa businesses, politicians launch fund opposing Henoko

Prefectural Assembly members of ruling parties and representatives of business companies launched a foundation called ‘Henoko Kikin’ designed to support opposition activities against the new base construction in Henoko, on Apr. 9th.

The wife of the late popular actor Bunta Sugawara, and Masaru Sato, a former chief analyst and diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and currently a novelist, were appointed as co-leaders of the new foundation. Other four members from business field on Okinawa were also appointed as directors.

Okinawa Governor Takashi Onaga said at the press meeting following the inauguration of the foundation, “The fund aims to spearhead the protest opinion advertisements against the construction of the Henoko base in domestic and overseas mass media, and also conduct lobbying activities in the U.S.“

Organizers expect the foundation to be able to raise hundreds of millions of yen for the fund.

01:03 26 Jun , 2024