Okinawa Monorail sets new passenger record numbers

The Okinawa Urban Monorail Co. carried more passengers during the fiscal 2014 than ever before, setting a new record.

According to figures the company released Tuesday, the number of passengers increased one percent compared to the previous fiscal year. A total of 15,056,109 people took a ride on the monorail in 2014, which is the first time that the number has exceeded 15,000,000.

Yui-rail officials say one of the reasons for the increase is the implementing of the IC ticket system OKICA, in addition to an increase in regular commuters and tourists.  The figures show the number of the users showed and increase during eleven of the 12 months of the fiscal 2014. Only October saw fewer passengers compared to the same month of the previous year.

The average number of passengers per day increased to 41,477 per day exceeding the 40,000-passenger target the company planners had set.  35,777 OKICA cards had been issued as of Mar. 25th, which also surpasses the company target of 34,000.  Sales of OKICA cards started last October.

05:04 15 Jun , 2024