Okinawan heart transplant patient recovering very well

The parents of Rai Matsushima, a 13-year-old junior high school boy from Chatan suffering from a severe heart disease who underwent a heart transplant this February in the U.S. reported Rai’s current condition on the website of Charity of Saving Rai, on Apr. 23dr.

According to the website, Rai had a biopsy for the first time since his surgery. The test result showed that his body shows no signs of rejecting the new heart.

According to Rai’s parents, he goes to the hospital two times a week and exercises in order to regain muscle strength. He seems to be steady on his legs and is able to walk longer than before.  In addition, he has started soccer practice, and is kicking and juggling the ball every day.

23:08 24 Jun , 2024