Orion Beer starts sale of its “summer beer” today

Orion Beer is bringing a limited production “summer beer” to store shelves today.

This is the third year Orion brings its “Natsu Ichiban” labeled suds to the market. The name implies it’s the “summer’s freshest beer” and it will be sold from Apr. 7th through the end of the summer season.

The beer is brewed using 100% malt and 100% aroma hops. An Orion spokesman says the company is planning to sell about 54,000 cases of the beer through mid August. It’s specifically brewed for the fullness of taste and pleasant aroma.

The beer is available only in cans with a very distinctive design. Sold only in Okinawa, it would be a great gift for any occasion.

Natsu Ichiban is sold in all supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Okinawa.

00:05 26 Jun , 2024