Sabani experience open to anyone

Sabani is difficult and tricky boat to sail, not least because it has no keel.

The 7th ‘Sabani’ experience & the 11th craft event ‘Manmaru-ichi’ are coming up this weekend in Nago City, with visitors having opportunities to paddle and row Sabani and learn about the wind.

Experienced sailors teach paddling and other techniques to beginners first on land.

‘Sabani’ is an Okinawa traditional wooden sail boat for fishing, and the Sunday event at Nago 21st Century Park Beah in Miyazato, Nago 2-2-1 Miyazato, encourages people to try paddling and rowing Sabani.  As many as 18 Sabani with well over 100 people rowing and sailing them, will compete in a 20-kilometer race.

There are three kinds of programs, starting with a basic course of riding on a boat, a challenge course and a senior-level course.   The challenge course is for adults.  People who want to learn how to ride a boat more seriously can take the seminar, while in the advanced course, the organizer will prepare a boat for experienced people, or if they want to use their own boat, they welcome people to bring them.

Registration for the Sabani experience is ¥500 per person.  Registration is at the beach. The experience is designed for people ages five and older. Preschool age children must be accompanied by an adult. Organizers remind participants that they can expect to get at least their legs wet on the boat, and should bring lotions for sun and wind protection. Life jackets will be provided. The Sabani experience will be canceled in the event of rough weather.

Other than Sabani experience, people can try SUP, a stand up paddle board, for the first 60 people.

As a co-event, the 11th craft fair ‘Manmaru-ichi’ takes place from 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. at Nago Civic Hall and the grass area.  This craft fair is known for local people, with more than 150 stores and all kinds of food stalls, craft shops and workshop booths. Other than stores, they will be stage events like flamenco performance at noon, and Osuman Orland Bingle African music live at 2 p.m.. Manmaru-ichi is free admission event.  People, of course, can go and back to the craft fair and Sabani event.

07:50 18 Jun , 2024