Shuri Castle selected in world’s top ten most visited

World Heritage Site Shuri Castle in Naha City, was selected as one of the top ten of ‘World’s most visited places and castles’ by the CNN television affiliated website “Travel + Leisure.”

The Shuri Castle was selected based on data from visitors’ evaluation of various tourism facilities and information from government agencies.  The Shuri Castle was the only place chosen from Japan.

In the first place is the Forbidden City in Beijing that 15,340,000 people visit every year.  The second place went to Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Grand Palace in Bangok, Thailand, was in the third place with 8,000,000 visitors.

According to the website, about 1,753,000 people visit Shuri Castle per year. In addition to that, ithe website explains that the Shuri Castle used to be the house of the Ryukyu King, was destroyed during theWWII, and restored in 1992.

08:27 18 Jun , 2024