Worker killed at Naha Tower demolition site

A fatal accident occurred at a building demolition site in Naha, Tuesday.

According to Naha Police, 35-year-old Takehiro Adachi from Fukuoka, who had been working at the demolition site of Naha Tower in Makishi, Naha City, was killed about 10:30 a.m. on Apr. 21st, when a piece of concrete weighing about a ton fell on him crushing him to death.

Adachi had been resting in a designated resting space on the first floor when he was trapped under the concrete slab.  He was taken to a hospital in cardio-respiratory arrest, but died about an hour later.

A crew doing the demolition work had been dropping concrete slabs from the 17th floor of the building through the elevator shaft. When the slab was dropped it somehow rolled over and hit Adachi who was resting at the rest space that was 23 meters away from the elevator shaft.

22:23 24 Jun , 2024