Businessman arrested for beating brother to death

Uruma Police arrested a 49-year-old businessman, May 19th, on suspicion of an assault resulting in death of his brother.

According to Uruma Police, Kazunori Kinjo and his older brother, 60-year-old Masaji, got into a quarrel while they were drinking at Masaji’s house in Shioya, Uruma City, in the evening of May 16th. In the ensuing fight, Kazunori punched and kicked Masaji on the stomach several times.

Next day a friend of Masaji visited his house, found him unconscious and cold, and called the emergency number.  The emergency staff responding to the call confirmed Masaji dead.  An autopsy determined that the cause of his death was a hemorrhagic shock resulting from a damaged bowel.

When questioned by police, Kazunori reportedly said, “I punched him, but did not mean to kill him.”

07:29 01 Mar , 2024