Drunk American man held for trespassing in Urasoe

Urasoe Police arrested a 21-year-old man claiming to be a U.S. Marine on suspicion of trespassing into a private house in Urasoe.

According to Urasoe Police they arrested Brian Doness after he allegedly entered into a house of a 78-year-old woman in Makiminato, Urasoe City, in the morning of May 3rd.  Doness has denied the charges.

The woman’s neighbor called the police emergency number after he noticed Doness on the woman’s property.  According to the man who called the police, Doness who had a no shirt on had been chasing the elderly woman, and he seemed to be very excited.

Police say they detected a strong smell of alcohol in Doness’ breath when he was apprehended.

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08:29 18 Jun , 2024