Gunnery Sergeant arrested for speeding, refusing breathalyzer

Kadena Police arrested 32-year-old GySgt Jason Day stationed on Camp Foster on May 7th on suspicion of violation of the Road Traffic Law.

According to Kadena Police, Day has admitted that he drank alcohol but rejected the breathalyzer test.  He says that he does not trust the Japanese breathalyzer test.

A police patrol stopped Day about 3 a.m. on May 7th for speeding on Highway 58 in Chatan. Police say that he was driving over 30kph over the limit when they stopped him. He was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test because the police smelled alcohol in his breath. However, Day was firm in refusing to take the test and he was arrested.

  • Aluminum Fax

    Japan Update has obviously assigned itself as the official Police blotter for Okinawa. It’s funny how this site ‘caters’ and profits from SOFA status people out here, but indulges in reporting crimes committed by military members. I can’t be the only one who has caught onto this cynical and biased ‘news source’. I regularly come across anti-base and anti-military news reports on this sight. When was the last time this tabloid site had anything positive to say about Japanese and American relations? I can’t recall, but I can recall tens of stories about DUIs and trespassing.

    • Okinawa Resident

      You sound like a jackass. How long have you been here? A few months?

      • Aluminum Fax

        I’ve been here since 2002. I love how you come in and say I sound like a Jackass but offer absolutely nothing more than an insult. Jackass huh? You must work for this tabloid.

    • bob

      Well to know the history of JU is to find out who owns or who are its biggest supporters, anti US and pro Chinese

  • Dan Daly

    Well, I like to hear what military members did and I usually tell my junior Marines what not to do. It shows a great example of things to avoid in real life cases. Now this Gunnery Sergeant is the real jackass making us look bad, it’s not like the it was a false report. We as military members are in a different country doing illegal things, which is prohibited. Just think as Japanese Military comes to our country and raping and causing problems, of course we want to kick them out of the country. If we quit making stupid decisions and filter things through before we act, we won’t be showing up on this news page.

    • Y T

      Finally, someone that gets it! I’m getting tired of all the whining and complaining about “How come they make such a big deal about Americans breaking the law?” “Why don’t they ever say anything good about the military?” Well, if you read regularly, there are significant good things published. If you help an old lady cross the street then turn around and drive drunk, speed, break & enter, assault, rape, or break the law in any other kind of way what do think will make headlines? All it takes is a little common sense (which seems to be extremely rare these days) and thinking for yourself to figure things out. Good on you, Dan Daly, for possessing both of these qualities!

10:09 04 Mar , 2024