Henoko Kikin Fund officially established

Henoko Kikin, a fund and foundation set up to support opposition activities against the construction of the replacement base at Henoko for MCAS Futenma, was officially established on May 13th.

The inaugural ceremony and meeting was held in Naha.  Prefectural Assembly members of the ruling parties and representatives of various Okinawa businesses have held preparatory committee meetings several times, and have also chosen co-leaders and established a fund to collect donations.

From now on, the foundation is moving forward to tackle practical issues. According to officials at the foundation, as of May 11, the donations total ¥185.4 million from 15,022 donors, both individuals and businesses.  The foundation has set up a goal for the fund to raise this year ¥350 million.

The money is earmarked for media advertising in newspapers both domestically and overseas, and for supporting various protesting groups.

22:55 24 Jun , 2024