May 7 ~ 13


The sun is shining warmly to your Zodiac for about another week, meaning taking it easy and having some fun this weekend is a good idea. You should take a good care of your relationship with your lover. There could well be some confusion ahead, so make sure to double-check your plans for the next few days. You can never be too careful.


It’s easy for you to get lured into an argument this weekend, or the very least you could find yourself bringing your opinions to the fore too aggressively. Later everything will settle down, and your social life will become less confrontational. Luckily you’ll be able to find spare time to spend quality time with your life companion.


The whole week ahead promises to be calm and clear. There could be more romance in the air after this week, and the good vibes allow you an opportunity to accomplish some of your immediate dreams successfully. Looking forward to the rest of the month, you could expect to enjoy an unexpected gift, or to find a new romance.


You should look for ways to avoid your usual daily routines, usual habits and way of thinking. The aspect of the planets should give you plenty of inspiration this time, but it takes an effort to absorb everything new that is thrown to your way. There could be an overwhelming emotional experience this weekend, so be prepared.


Much is happening at a rapid pace this time, and the deluge of information is overwhelming at times. Those who spend their time studying can expect new ideas to pop up that could be important in the future. Trying to take care of too many tings at the same time is the biggest danger you are facing. Try to slow down once in a while.


A “Golden Triangle” is moving towards your Zodiac area, and you will be right at the lucky center of it around the middle of the month. You can also expect concrete rewards at this time in the form of a pay raise or a lucky win of some sort. Something that you have dreamed of for a long time will come to the limelight this time.


You are seemingly somehow absent from everyday life and that causes irritation and conflict among those around you. You feel that there is a need for change, and that could lead to rebellious episodes when you are against anything just because you feel like so. This could cause harm for you in the long run so you should be careful.


You could have a problem of not being able to arrange your weekly schedule in a manner satisfies you or those in your team, and that could cause considerable stress. But hard pressure also creates diamonds. Later there will be a chance to relax and even take a short romantic vacation with your lover, just don’t forget the importance of personal contact.


This is a time when you would like to retire from the spotlight. You dream about travel and distant lands, and it seems that it is next to impossible to accomplish anything meaningful. But at the same time this gives you a perfect excuse to lie back and relax for a while. Later you have to pay close attention to your money and finances.


The emphasis this time is on both your work and relationships. If you are at the beginning of a relationship or romance, pressures at your work do not bode well for this. There’s not much you can do about it, though, so you should arrange a good book or interesting domestic project for your partner to keep busy while you have to take care of business.


There are many kinds of urgent matters that require your attention. Your curiosity seeks entirely other directions that can take you to most unexpected territory. Planning your future carefully helps to make sense of the chaos. Small distractions could easily lead to major emotional explosion at this time, so don’t forget that everyone needs a break sometimes.


You have to be as clear as possible when you communicate with your lover or spouse this weekend. Do not expect to be understood without words. You should also express your appreciation whenever deserved. But it’s also very important that you pay close attention to your finances and anythi9ng to do with money over the next few days.

11:07 15 Apr , 2024