May 14 ~ 20


This week sees the beginning of a period filled with interesting encounters and discussions, when your social life really comes to life. Sometimes some of your friends assume that your calendar is full, but everyone has less hectic periods and days when there is not much to do. Make sure that your friends know that you are available on those days.


As the coming few days are slow and quiet, you have time to accomplish arrangements for the schedule of the upcoming summer. Maybe you decide to organize a picnic or barbeque, or pay a visit to a friend, or invite that friend to go together somewhere exciting and new. But whatever you decide to do, do not exclude the possibility of a romance.


Be ready to accept compliments for something you have done recently. Maybe it’s for the hard work on something that everyone benefits of, or maybe you decided to do something at home that you haven’t done before. In any case, you will notice that it all was worth the trouble. Be ready for praise, if you want to know what a certain person thinks about you.


Planning carefully ahead will help you to clear your thoughts this week. Love is waiting for you just around the corner, so be ready for exciting encounters. Everything you do together with your spouse or lover is making you closer to each other, and even a simple daily routine like cooking a meal could become a really fun thing to do if you do it together.


You can hardly wait what the summer can bring you now that it’s finally here. Are you looking forward to a special occasion that you want to share with others? Those who are single should keep their ears and eyes open. There are many exciting events coming up that you should be aware of. Don’t let others get an impression that you are very busy.


Are you waiting for the weekend or even a vacation? Maybe you have worked too hard, and that has made your head spin. Try to take a day off, and use it to go somewhere you have never been before. You may find there something that will last you a lifetime. New surroundings could do a world of good for you, and help you relax and recover for the future.


Plans for the summer that only a month ago were just hazy ideas tossed around are now taking a concrete shape. If you are looking for new experiences you could consider taking a solo trip. An idea of bring free from others seems attractive ton you at this moment, and although you love your partner, this could be a good time to try to fly on your own.


You feel light at heart and optimistic. That attracts people and makes them to seek your company. There could be some minnow money matters waiting, but don’t let that disturb you now. You can easily take care of that later. One of your friends or relatives might consider putting down your new stance in life, but if you can foresee the situation you can avoid it altogether.


This time of the year is full of romance, and you should take it for all its worth. You have an excellent ability to connect people with very different backgrounds. You should use this ability to get you to places you love and be with people you admire. Many wonderful adventures are waiting for you this summer, and June seems to become a special month for you.


Next few days promises to be a period of confessions and proposals. It feels really liberating as many hidden secrets finally come to light. You might get a chance to meet a special person through an old friend or family member, just remember to compliment them after this happens. An old romance could spring to life again if you want it.


The next few days could offer a bit bumpy ride and that could make you feel confused. However, everything will be smooth again if you can take an honest look at the situation. It’s very important that you eat healthy and have regular physical exercise to keep your energy levels up. There’s a limit that you can do without rejuvenating your body.


A big part of your recent good luck is based on the fact that you can be flexible. In order to be able to comment on a family matter you have to stay closely in touch with your relatives. Practical solutions to problems can sometimes hurt, so make sure to explain your actions clearly when necessary. Your social life is going to pick up towards the end of the month.

10:39 04 Mar , 2024