May 28 ~ Jun 3


Your mind has been a bit confused lately, but the situation is ripe for a change. The new moon has inspired you to make some necessary, and quite frankly, overdue adjustments, and especially you would like to sort out your finances. Only lack of imagination could stop you. You should take advantage of the situation by dreaming up new ways to spice up your everyday life.


You are looking for safety and quiet, but you may have to postpone that goal because of a new idea. You must avoid unnecessary expenses this weekend. Be clear about your intentions at home in order to avoid misunderstandings. It’s easy to avoid being impatient with members of your family and people close to you, and it would be quite futile anyway to get frustrated over minor matters.


News concerning your new friend could bring you disappointment, but you should take it as an educating experience, and then go on with you life. You might want to have a serious discussion with your life partner, but there may be few opportunities for privacy this weekend. Although you might not feel like much socializing, you should not reject an invitation you have.


A long-term relationship is about to head to a new direction. This could be either good news or a disappointment, but boring it is not. There’s not much you can do to alter the situation. Something at your work seems very promising at last, although you still may harbor some doubts about it. Nevertheless, you should take a brave attitude regardless, and go for it.


You have had your chance to show off your skills lately, and now you can wait for a response. If your patience is wearing thin, try to find something to do to take your thoughts somewhere else. You may feel confused, as a thought comes to your mind that someone has decided to change the system that everyone in your team has followed for a long time. Find out the facts first.


The position of the moon is bound to make you restless. A trip would be nice just now, but if it’s not possible to leave at once, at least you should start planning one right away. However, don’t make a list of people you want to accompany you on your trip yet, as circumstances chance from one week to another, and misunderstandings come easier than usual at this time of the year.


Now is the time to sort out your money and work-related matters. Of course you could postpone everything, but why not take the bull by the horns right away? A long-term friendship could now develop into something more, but if that’s what you want, you must show your feelings clearly. The right time and place will come up by itself, so you shouldn’t bother yourself too much with those.


Your finances are in need of some careful planning, but beware of advice from someone who’s not professional. People who push their advice could mean well, but the end-result is often unpractical. Friends and relatives seem ready to solve any problem you may encounter, but if the matter concerns yourself, you have to take into account your own input and make an effort, too.


An old idea is going to get a new lease on life thanks to an idea from a long-time friend of yours. You should not expect everyone to agree with you, as their problem could be lack of imagination and vision. If you are going to give everyone a piece of your mind, you should be prepared for certain changes. Be yourself, and do not try to change according to wishes of other people.


Pay a special attention to communication this weekend. Try to avoid decisions made in haste, even if the matter looks urgent to you. Be ready to delegate when necessary, and keep your eyes open for problems that no one else has anticipated. And when a warm feeling of love touches you at long last, do not hesitate or doubt it. It’s real and it’s genuine, so enjoy.


This weekend the focus is on personal relationships, and you have to be ready for some changes. Do not take anything for granted. If you make full use of your imagination, you can do wonders. Flexibility is the shortcut to success. Put everything in your life in order according to importance, and make the most of everything that is offered to you. Be brave, especially on Monday.


Your passion for travel and new experiences is the evidence of your desire for adventure. Your loyalties could change over the next few weeks or months once you learn to know a certain person better. New opportunities and friendships are keeping you on your toes. Think where you were a year ago compared to the present, and you should have a good idea where you will be a year from now.

15:42 29 May , 2024