Just planted hibiscus trees stolen from Manko Park

24 young hibiscus trees that had just been planted in a flowerbed at Manko Park in Naha City were pulled up and stolen on May 6th.  Naha City that manages the park is planning to file a criminal complaint with the police over the case.

According to park officials, people from Naha City Silver Human Resources Center that takes care of the park on behalf of the city and a group of volunteers had planted 25 about 50-centimeter tall young trees in the park on May 4th.  Officials say incidents like people breaking off branches or picking up flowers have happened before. However, this is the first time this many plants have been stolen at one time.

  • Dan Daly

    What’s Manko mean in English?

    • Riquez

      I believe the kanji means ‘proud lake’ but it’s a humourous name also because manko also means ‘vagina’

07:15 18 Jun , 2024