Kagoshima Bank prepares entry to Okinawa market

A major regional bank in the Kyushu district, the Kagoshima Bank with its head office in the Kagoshima Prefecture, held a board meeting on May 8th, in which it officially announced that it would launch a new branch in Okinawa.

Its first Okinawa office is schduled to open on the first floor of a condominium building ‘Happiness Shintoshin II’ in Mekaru, Naha City.  The company will set up an office to prepare for the entry to Okinawa in June, and aims at opening the public office sometime in September.

The area of the new office is 325 square meters and it has parking space for 14 customer cars.  The company is planning to have a staff of 12 in its Okinawa branch, and it will mainly concentrate on offering home mortgages for individuals.  In addition, the bank will offer support to its clients with its 40 affiliated companies, and aims at entering the syndicated loan market as well.

10:20 21 Feb , 2024