Man arrested for trying to kill wife in car crash

Itoman Police arrested 40-year-old unemployed man, Thursday, on suspicion of attempted murder of his 31-year-old wife.  The husband has admitted to the charge.

According to Itoman Police, the man drove his car at a speed of more than 100kph on Route 82 in Kita-Namihira, Itoman City with his wife sitting on the passenger seat, and on purpose crashed into a power pole in order to kill both of them, but both survived.

The wife suffered a severe injury on her stomach that will take four weeks to heal completely. The husband suffered minor injuries that are not life threatening.

When questioned, the husband said, “I crashed my car into the power pole on purpose in order to die together.

  • bob

    hmm not the brightest in the bunch.

04:22 15 Jul , 2024