New ‘Kariyushi’ shirts use “washi” paper thread

A local supermarket chain, San-A Co., Ltd, and Pipenit, a local clothing manufacturer in Uruma City, have co-developed a new type of ‘Kariyushi wear’ that features local original design patterns and is made of local materials.

The new Kariyushi shirt is made using Japanese ‘Washi’ paper thread. According to the manufacturer, they are light and breezy. The maker has sold about 120 shirts since they arrived at San-A store shelves early in May. The material of the cloth is 74 % cotton and 26 % ‘Washi’ paper, and it has characteristics of being warm in the winter season and cool in the summer. In addition, the cloth includes Manila hemp that is best known as a material used in paper money bills. The maker says the shirts can be washed at home and ironed.

Currently, the shirts are available only in designs for men. They are priced at ¥8,300 without the 8% sales tax.

03:36 27 Feb , 2024