Rainy season late this year

The annual rainy season has not yet arrived at Okinawa area this year, causing officials in charge of the island’s water supply to cast worried looks towards the clear skies.

Usually, the rainy season starts during the Golden Week holidays, and for example, last year the rainy season officially started on May 5th.

The Okinawa Meteorological Observatory is predicting that the fine weather will continue for a while this year. According to observatory officials, it seems that it’s not easy for the seasonal rain front to come close to Okinawa area due to a almost stationary high-pressure system over the Pacific Ocean, and agency officials decline to predict when the rainy season would start.

The latest the rainy season has started in the past was June 4th in 1963 and the rainy season that year ended June 15th, which made it the shortest ever lasting only 11 days.  The earliest start on record was April 20th in 1980.

22:26 22 Jul , 2024