U.S. P3C drops antenna while on patrol

A U.S. Navy P3C antisubmarine aircraft based on Kadena Air Base lost a copper wire antenna while on patrol on May 20th.

According to officials at the Okinawa Defense Bureau, the exact location where the aircraft lost the 4.5kg antenna is not known, although it’s likely that it happened somewhere over the ocean. No one has reported any damage because of the incident. The antenna is used for radio communications.

There has been several cases, in which parts from U.S. military aircraft have fallen off this being the 7th case this year. The prefectural government is pressing the U.S. Navy on Okinawa for an investigation into the cause of the incident, and demands steps to prevent the recurrence.

  • bob

    a bicycle lens was seen on Highway 58, this has been about the 25th time this year a bicycle lens has fallen but luckily no injuries have been reported as a result of lens falling off bicycles.

  • ewacloser

    ….and demands steps to prevent the recurrence. Really? Okey dokey we will hop right to it.

  • ewacloser

    U.S. P3C drops and antenna while on patrol. Ok, I can understand the P3C drops, but and antenna???? Typo perhaps?

  • matt99

    duct tape…

12:09 15 Apr , 2024