Urasoe Mayor survives non-confidence vote over military port

Urasoe City Assembly rejected a non-confidence resolution against Urasoe Mayor Tetsuji Matsumoto at an extraordinary session, May 25th.

Minority members of the city assembly had submitted the non-confidence resolution against the mayor after he approved the relocation of the Naha Military Port to a landfill area in Urasoe City. The resolution was voted down 18 against 9.

The nine members voting for the approval were members from the opposition parties and the Japanese Communist Party, while 16 members voting against the resolution included the assembly chairman and members representing Komeito and LDP.  Two members walked out of the assembly before the vote.  The result of the voting secured Matsumoto’s position.

Seven opposition members had submitted the non-confidence motion against Matsumoto accusing him of violating his campaign pledge, in which he had promised not to approve the relocation the Naha Military Port to Urasoe City.

In the meeting, no members of the ruling parties made speeches opposing the no-confidence motion.   Interested citizens on gallery seats and in front of a TV monitor were disappointed for the lack of deeper discussion.

Responding to the result of the voting, Matsumoto said, “I will thoroughly explain the background of my approval of the relocation of the Naha Military Port to Urasoe. I will humbly accept the result, and do my best for the rest of my term for the best of the city and residents.”

10:58 15 Apr , 2024