Base landowners split

The 92nd general meeting of the U.S. Military Landowners’ Federation took place Jun. 26th in Ginowan City in a rather stormy atmosphere as the Kadena Town Military Landowners Association withdrew from the federation. This is the first time for a municipal landowners association to withdraw from the prefectural federation since the establishment of the federation, except for withdrawals due to land returns.

According to a person familiar with the matter, there is an incorrigible gap in the way of thinking about the rent for the land, and the withdrawal of the Kadena Town Landowners Association was unanimously accepted.

The Kadena Town Landowners Association has about 4,000 members, and their annual membership fees total about ¥17 million.  As a result, the prefectural federation will lose about 10 % of its revenue.

  • bob

    Question: what is the this thinking not mentioned in the article JU?

19:40 14 Jul , 2024