Cancer vaccine likely cause for ailments in women

24 people in Okinawa Prefecture are reported to have experienced adverse effects related to vaccination against cervical cancer, as of Jun. 15th.

Medical facilities report that those persons have experienced a variety of reactions such as severe headache, general malaise, muscle disorders or trouble sleeping.  A girl living on Miyako Island, who is suffering from such symptoms as a bad headache, fatigue and trouble with walking visited the Prefectural Government Office on Jun. 15th, and asked the governor for conducting a survey on damages from the cervical cancer vaccine.

Cervical cancer vaccinations at public expense started in Miyako, Nishihara and Kin Town in fiscal 2010, and were later expanded to all municipalities within Okinawa. However, side reactions to the vaccination have been reported one after another across the country. The national government changed the policy in June 2013, and are no more actively encouraging people to take the vaccine shot.

A total of 37,270 people had taken the shot by then, and many cases or adverse reaction have been reported throughout the country. The cause is thought to be the vaccination, but government officials have not confirmed a causal link between the shot and the ailments.

21:17 25 Jul , 2024