Jun 18 ~ 24


Your Family and domestic life in general are now taking most of your time. A certain kind of lightness of mind is dominating your mood and that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Changes that have happened recently have now settled down, and no pesky health problems are in sight. You may meet a certain person who brings you plenty of fond memories from the past happy times.


Keep your ears and eyes open for possibilities for a promotion or other advancement regarding your job. Be ready to help others even if there seems to be no immediate reward in sight. Your money troubles are largely things of the past, but you still have to keep a keen eye on your spending. The weekend could bring you a romantic experience even without specifically planning for it.


Somehow you are not satisfied this week, although it seems difficult to put your finger on its cause. The feeling could stay well in the back of your mind, but you are still aware of it all the time. Are you missing for something or someone from your past? You should not waste your time to worrying about the past, as it’s something you are not able to change. So there’s no reason to take stress about it.


You should now pay special attention to your health. Maybe it’s time to head for the gym or hit the jogging track. Eat healthy and try to avoid stress. When any problem arises, you should take care of it immediately, so they don’t pile up, and your mood also improves little by little. Plan ahead how you are going to spend you money this weekend, and then stick to your budget plan.


Many opportunities wait for you in the field of romance. If you are in a steady relationship, it can only become stronger. And those who are free and looking for a partner, can enhance their fortunes by being flexible when it comes to spending time together. Once you learn to know the person better, you can make a reasonable decision. Someone is going to give you a good advice this weekend.


Your level of energy is not at its peak this weekend, but it will get better as the days go by. Try to be helpful at your work, and listen carefully what your colleagues have to say. As for a reward, good results are a reward in itself as it would enhance your self-confidence, and that would lead to advances in the future. Do not accept a proposal that you are not sure you can accomplish all the way to the end.


You should seek the company of people, who can energize and motivate you both at work and leisure. You are in a good mood, and that could lead to overspending, if you are not careful. You don’ need all the gizmos you see at local shops, or you friends have. Theirs may also end up unused in their closets, but for those you did not pay. As the rainy season is over, head for the beach instead.


You should showcase your charms and social skills this weekend. Busy people need to have fun in between their working days, and you are not an exception. You could also become the one who can deliver the fun that helps your busy friends to take it easier on their days off. Plenty of merry people around is also sure to lift your own spirits. Show that you can enjoy living as you are.


You are missing the feeling of freedom. Maybe a trip and a change of environment would do the trick, and your trip does not need to head for distant lands, either. You can also enhance your energy level by increasing physical activity. Invite a friend to join you. Walking is definitely a better choice than lying on a sofa, and swimming is a proven cure for stress.


Be prepared to show your sympathetic and flexible side to people around you. Your busy schedule at work should help you understand that there are many things that could be accomplished in some other and easier way. Take a look at the newest technology that could bring a solution. You must be careful not to reveal someone’s secret by mistake. That would really disturb the life for both of you.


The mood around you is light and fun, and that makes you happy and easy to live with. This means that you should reserve as much of you time for your family and friends as you can. You will have time for work later. There’s romance in the air, so why no arrange something special for the weekend. You natural charms are sure to help you convey your message to the right person.


As the second half of the month has started, your time and energies are a limited supply, so you should prepare now. If you have any disagreements with your friends and you have a chance to resolve them in a positive atmosphere, you should do it now. You are now in a gentle and jovial mood, that would help settle the problems, but next week your situation could be quite different.

10:51 28 Feb , 2024