MP arrested on suspicion of DUI in Naha

Naha Police arrested a 22-year-old U.S. military police serviceman stationed on Kadena Air Base, Jun. 2nd, on suspicion of drinking and driving.

According to Naha Police, a breathalyzer test showed about four times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.  The serviceman claims that he “did not drink and drive,” and has denied the charges.

He reportedly had a minor collision with a mini car while driving from Tsuji to Aja, in Naha City. The female driver of the mini car suffered a minor bruise on her face and right leg.

Prefectural police officials reported that this is the 21st DUI case this year involving a U.S. military related personnel.

  • bob

    drink and drive, party on its a new generation…the more they protest the more drinking and driving..

  • matt99

    Drinking and driving in Naha, what a concept.

23:28 22 Jul , 2024