Okinawan Hirokazu Nema named head coach of Gunma

Gunma Crane Thunders, professional basketball team in the Eastern Conference of TKbj-league, announced Jun. 18 that the team had reached a basic agreement Hirokazu Nema, a native of Okinawa, to become the team’s head coach for next the season.

Nema is a 36 year-old d graduate of Chatan High School and Hosei University. He has played with Yokohama Giga Cats’ club team in 2002~2005, JBL Super League’s Fukuoka Red Falcons in 2005~2006 and the bj-League Eastern Conference Toyama Grouses from 2006 to 2008.

After finishing his career as a player, he was an assistant coach of Toyama, Shiga and last season Gunma Crane Thunders.

14:25 29 May , 2024