Onaga meets senators McCain and Reed

Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga had a closed-door meeting in the building of the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C. with Senator John McCain (R), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Senator Jack Reed (D), the vice- chairman of the committee.

In the meeting, Onaga explained that the U.S. military base construction in Henoko is not acceptable to people of Okinawa considering the background of the war history in Okinawa, and heavy burden caused by the concentration of the U.S. military bases in the prefecture. He stressed that he understands the importance of the security partnership between Japan and the United States. Minutes of the meeting have not been published according to the senators’ wishes.

Although both senators reportedly took a positive stance for the current Henoko relocation plan saying that it’s the best and only alternative if the MCAS Futenma were to be closed, they said that they would be willing to continue discussions of the matter.  Onaga said after the meeting that, “I was able to convey the will and message of Okinawan people to the senators. It was meaningful for me to meet them because they said we would carry on the conversation.”

  • http://batman-news.com special

    Washington C.D.? LOL

  • http://batman-news.com special

    He didn’t want the meeting’s details to be public because they didn’t go his way. He doesn’t want the people of Okinawa to know that they voted for a guy who is abusing his position to take vacations to places like Hawaii. He’s doing this all on the tax payer’s yen.

  • Noble

    Wow, what a way to sugarcoat what an epic failure Onaga’s mission to DC was. Here’s what Reuters has to say about it: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/03/us-usa-okinawa-bases-idUSKBN0OJ2PE20150603

    “U.S. officials told the governor of Okinawa on Wednesday that a U.S. troop presence on the
    Japanese island, which he opposes, is fundamental to the U.S. commitment to defend Japan.”

    Basically they told him to pound sand.

  • bob

    the bumbling idiots in Okinawa or rather the Japanese wingers and not necessarily the Ryukyo local natives are being snowed by this charlatan developer. While he is busy pulling the wool in peoples eyes his construction/developers company is busy making backroom deals to enhance his piece of raping Okinawa land by development tourist projects that only landowners make the money while tourist jobs brings poor wage jobs. An MLC job brings stability and easy pay.

  • Barbara Trout

    Governor Onaga and his team are wasting time talking to US senators, representatives and officials. Most of them will back US government policy and opinions. They do not want to be seen as unpatriotic.

    During the Vietnam War, thousands of anti-war protesters and the news media in USA successfully publicize the evils and atrocities committed by some US troops, the horrors of US bombing, the huge costs to US taxpayers, etc. This painted the war in a very negative picture.

    During the Vietnam War, the unpopular USA president LB Johnson announced he would not seek a second term as president. Richard Nixon won the USA presidency mainly by promising to pull out from the very unpopular Vietnam War.

    Governor Onaga’s team should be talking to non-governmental groups to publicize the violent crimes committed against defenseless school girls, the constant noises, sufferings endured by the people, armed robberies and violent crimes committed by drunken soldiers, the burden on US taxpayers, etc.

    They should be trying to get support for the human rights of the people of Okinawa from famous people like Bill Gates, Tim Cook, etc and those groups who are already campaigning for the Rohingyas, human rights, etc. They should persuade the news media like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc to do news stories on them by offering them a lot of help in filming in Okinawa, etc.

    • David Chavez

      I doubt any sort of campaign will help. The Central Government is dead set on the base expansion in Henoko.

14:38 14 Jul , 2024