World Unchinachu Festival to take place in Oct. 2016

The World Uchinanchu Festival Planning Committee announced Jun. 12th that the 6th World Uchinanchu Festival will take place from Oct. 27th through 30th next year.

The festival is a once-in-five-year event when people of Okinawan ancestry will gather together to Okinawa from all over the world.  117 people from business and tourism field participated in the planning committee meeting.

Committee Vice Chairman and Prefectural Deputy Governor Mitsuo Ageda stated at the meeting, “It’s a special and remarkable event when a large number of people with roots in Okinawa gather together here. It’s unlike any other event in the country. Let’s work to develop and expand the network more.”

The Okinawa Prefecture Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports is going to foster and promote the festival through various pre-year events from now on.

11:19 23 Jun , 2024