Young boy, man nabbed for using fake money

Okinawa Prefectural Police has nabbed a young boy on suspicion of using counterfeited ¥1,000 bills that were discovered at convenience stores in the middle part of the island.  The bills started appearing in the stores late May.

Authorities reportedly arrested the boy on Jun. 10th, and are investigating whether there is someone other than the boy who might have forged the bills.

According to persons familiar with the investigation, the Prefectural Police has also recently arrested a man on suspicion of using fake bills.  Not only ¥1,000 fake bills but counterfeited bills in other nominations have reportedly been found.  The police are grilling the man on suspicion of knowing something about the case.  The man has reportedly so far insisted, “I thought they were real,” and is denying the charges.

The boy and the man have reportedly known each other from before.

21:37 25 Jul , 2024